No healer

No teacher

No therapist

No coach

Can be fully responsible for your healing.

They can be:

Your guide

Your mirror

Your safe place

Your tough love

Your wake up call

Your accountability

But YOU still have to do the work.

Do you sign up for personal training because you expect the trainer to give you the body you want?

Or do you sign up because they know what they’re doing, know how to coach and motivate you, and know how to hold you accountable so YOU can achieve YOUR goals?

You still have to lift the weight.

You still have to do the cardio, the stretching.

You still have to shift your diet.

You still have to “do the work”.

This is an unpopular truth but it is the straight fire gospel truth so let’s drop the bullshit and get real. 

Just like there’s no magic pill to change your body, there’s no magic pill to heal or achieve your goals.

There are amazing guides and practitioners who can stand in the fire WITH you, walk the path WITH you, show you the way because they have walked it, and guide you lovingly back on the path when you fall off.

But YOU are responsible for YOUR work.