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As a tough love coach, I’m here to guide you towards everything you want - and then some! You don’t need to change your whole life to be happy…but you do need to change a little. Are you ready to bet on yourself? 

Are you ready for real change? Let’s get courageous.

hey friend.

Ready to go from scared of change to courageously on purpose? 

More of the things that make you who you are, more of the things that make you genuinely happy, more of the things that make you feel free & fulfilled. 

Coaching for Humans Who Want More


Minimum investment, life changing reward! 

 Get the Keys in
"Courage to Change"

Ready To Kickstart Change?

You know you’re CAPABLE of change, but it’s not easy. 
You know you WANT change, but you don’t have the tools... 
Until now! Learn the REAL keys to creating change

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I help you see where your current situation isn’t serving you…

I walk with you as you navigate the unpredictable waters of change…

I offer you insight to how your brain is trying to answer for you…

But remind you that it’s your heart that really has the answer.


grow Together

A free tough love guide for the woman ready to change her life & love right now.  

This formula is exactly what I followed to find a whole new version of ME, and change my life…for the better. 

Change is rarely easy, but it’s always worth it. 

The Seven-Step Change Formula

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“Jen and her tough love, mixed with compassionate guidance was EXACTLY what I needed in this time of transition!”


I'm Jennifer, your tough love coach and biggest advocate for change. 

I help you get exactly what you want and do the hard thing to make your dream a reality! I’ll activate your personal freedom and help you get motivated to take big, aligned action in life and business.

Oh, I’ll also hold you accountable and remind you why you started. 

Are you ready to stop WANTING change, and finally EXPERIENCE it? 

yes please!

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Exploring Authenticity

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