Let's Build Something Incredible Together

As one of my private clients, I will guide you to create REAL, lasting change in your life. (Don’t worry if you aren’t totally clear on what you want yet or if you’re feeling totally stuck or blocked…that’s literally where I work my magic with clients!). 

1:1 coaching


You struggle to get three colors in a row, 
You start to feel frustrated that it’s not rapidly falling into place, 
And minutes later, you’ve given up before you reeeeally got started.

You’re holding a Rubik’s cube in your hand, and you think to yourself, “This can’t be THAT hard…I’ve got this”. 

You start to move the pieces around and quickly realize, “Wait…this is more complicated than I thought”...

You're like a Rubik’s cube. 

real talk:

You’re colorful, complex & capable. You have many facets, many goals, and many responsibilities. 

  • You worry that if you change one thing - all of the balls will drop.
  • You worry that you can’t handle one more thing that requires your time, energy, or attention. 
  • You worry that even if you DO change, it won’t be worth it. 

When it comes to navigating change and courageously stepping into the next version of yourself...

At the same time, you know something’s gotta change…but you don’t know where to start. 

The thought of embarking on another journey towards “self love” and “change” feels more daunting than it does rewarding, but I’ve got a secret for you…It IS going to be worth it.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.”

- Dan Millman

I work with humans just like you.

People who want change but aren’t sure how to navigate the depths of themselves alone.

People who aren’t willing to try to change again, and stay the same…again.

People who want more for themselves and YET, don’t have the capacity or tolerance for more of anything that doesn’t bring them peace, joy, or fulfillment. 

You’re at this point in your life where something’s gotta give.

There’s a part of you that no one else can see…even yourself. You’re so busy keeping it all together and trying to control the outcome, that you toss a veil over your shadows and call it good. 

The truth is, you’re avoiding the exact parts of you that need to change the most. 


“We change. We have to. Or we spend the rest of our lives fighting the same battles.”

- Star Trek, 2016

Pattern tracking: see where your patterns come from and why they keep showing up

what you will learn

Choose a path forward that’s different from the path that got you here



Inside my 1:1 coaching, you will:

Relieve your mind from working overtime and write a new narrative


Choose an inner dialogue that promotes change and confidence in Self 


Master your own energetics so that you can learn what your limits are - and honor them


Become emotionally intelligent and work to regulate your big feelings


Learn how to properly process things that you’re going through so they don’t get stuck


Stop self sabotaging that's keeping you from your goals


Transition from where you are to where you want to go with intention and ease


Tap into your courage to rise!!


“Jennifer was my coach for over six months. In the beginning, my goal was to lose weight but it morphed into addressing all areas of my life. She helped me find clarity in my marriage and work life... I even finished a half marathon during that time! There's a lot of thought work involved - a lot - but she also used methods that were measurable to keep me accountable. She was supportive and understanding but will also serve up some serious TRUTH when you need it. If you're stuck in a place or pattern that you don't want to be in, Jennifer can help you see things differently, more broadly. I loved those moments of realization and clarity..."aha! moments". At the end of our work, every aspect of my life had improved...relationships, health, and most importantly, the belief I had in myself. Thank you, Jennifer!” 

- Lou K.

"She helped me find clarity in my marriage and work life... I even finished a half marathon during that time!"


“Jennifer is very wise, loving, and understanding. I’ve felt very supported all the way and the personal changes I’ve made in only a few months are incredible. I now experience more freedom and trust in myself as a result. I can highly recommend Jennifer as a coach…I’ve worked with other coaches before, what I really love about Jennifer is that she is very supportive in general. She is like the wise big sister I never had!”

- J.P.

"I’ve felt very supported all the way and the personal changes I’ve made in only a few months are incredible."

An energy ninja who’s mastered her own energy field

be Able to hold all that you’re carrying and willing to put down anything that’s not serving you 

be A master of personal boundaries

feel Clear, capable and confident in your everyday life

Feel confident in what’s for you and what’s not 

After our time together, you will:

Understand what brings you peace and what causes disruption

Kick old habits to the curb that aren’t supporting your big vision

You can't keep going the way that you are. 

Your relationship is struggling. 
Your energy is never restored.
You constantly feel like your plate is too full. 
You don’t have any boundaries anymore, even with yourself. 
You’re stuck in your own head. 
You’re repeating bad habits that you KNOW aren’t helping…

But there’s not an ounce of you that has the energy to change alone. 

Where do I start? How do I even begin? What’s the thing that’s gotta change? 


I am the mirror. I see you, and I help you see you, too. 

Something in your life is bringing THIS to your attention:

let's get courageous →

I’m powered by coffee, driven by humor and fun, and I hold a deep belief that anyone can change. Even (especially), you! 
What makes me believe so deeply in change? I experienced it. 
In 2016, the accumulation of an entire lifetime’s worth of unworthiness, following other people’s expectations, people pleasing, and numbing my pain came crashing down. I found myself on the floor (literally), needing something to change…
And I knew I was the only one who could make that happen for myself. 
That was the day I made the SOUL decision that I would never be that way again - teetering on the brink of destruction. I got committed to change, and as the days went on, I didn’t only SEE results, but I felt them. 

I found my “courage to rise” and dedicated my life to teaching and guiding others along the same path. Now it’s your turn. 

Listen, there’s nothing you’ve been through, thought, or felt that will scare me away. I’ve made all the mistakes myself, most of them twice, and I’ve learned my lessons “the hard way”. But I learned them, mastered them, and now I guide you through them too. This is a judgment-free zone and we don’t do shame. We only do love (sometimes tough love), and moving forward. I have compassion and empathy for wherever you are, and I know what it takes to go from where you ARE to where you want to be. Even if you don’t fully believe it’s actually possible for you yet - I need you to commit to yourself to do it.

I'm Jen

hey there!

Your tough love coach who’s going to guide you towards everything you want by walking you (step-by-step) through everything you fear. Don’t worry, we got this.

I’ve walked this path, I know alllll the ins and outs and pitfalls and shortcuts.

Listen, I can hear your hesitation. If change was easy, we’d all be doing it! Change is unknown, it’s hard, and it requires commitment.

We don’t change overnight, and we certainly don’t change by accident!

  • Change requires you to show up for it. 
  • Change requires your willingness to lean into discomfort. 
  • Change requires discipline. 
  • Change requires willingness. 
  • Change requires awareness.

Sometimes, even when we have ALL of these things, change still feels impossible. Without a hand to hold, someone to inspire us to keep going, a community to lean on, and the momentum of our desires to keep driving us forward…

Change is easy to quit

Many of you will read this sales page and WANT to change, but still not be ready for it…and that’s okay! You’ll change when you’re ready…but I want you to know this:

There’s a certain quality and characteristic that every woman who rises has in common…


You will never feel “ready” to walk into the unknown of change, but you can become willing at any time. How?

You decide the time is now.

let's get courageous →