I don’t know about you, but I used to let *everything* get to me. 

Not just the big things that happen in life. Of COURSE those are going to impact you, as they should.  (*cough* gestures vaguely around *cough*),

I’m talking about anything that remotely fussed with how I thought my world “should” be. Throughout the day, I would collect all the little things that went “wrong” (didn’t sleep well, spilled my coffee, got cut off in traffic, got a speeding ticket, had an issue at work, my partner didn’t do or say something I thought he should) and file them away like I was collecting them on a keychain. Then I’d pull them all out with dramatic flourish, to justify why I was completely depleted, drained, cranky, whatever…as though I was building a case to a committee for why it was completely acceptable for me to be in a miserable mood.

I lived that way for a long time until, through my own journey, I saw that collecting everything on that keychain was weighing me down. Building that case every day was making me so heavy and depleted that when the big things did happen in my life or the world, I had NOTHING left. I was running on FUMES.

I’m not like that anymore. A while back, I realized how much that has shifted for me and transmuted into a truly embodied way of being. I got pulled over for a speeding ticket, and the officer said “sorry for ruining your day” as he walked away. I was actually stunned. It was like he was speaking a foreign language. Because I realized that hadn’t even crossed my mind, that I would let something external like that “ruin my day”. Previous versions of me would have (and I love those versions of me too). But it dawned on me that I no longer have that keychain, and I no longer let an incident or even a collection of incidents “ruin my day”.

Giving that much of my personal power away to something like that?  F*ck nah, y’all. I need that personal power to shake sh*t up in this world.

I taught on this last night in my Courage to Rise Program….Energy Maintenance.

How are you maintaining your energy – physical, mental, emotional – on a daily basis so you’re resourced when the big things hit?

I want to be suuuuuuper clear, here: 

This is not about denying your experience, in ANY way. 

It’s not saying don’t feel your feels – y’all know I always say the very opposite. 

What I AM saying is: check in with yourself on where you’re letting your own energy leak out and giving power to external forces on the small things. 

So if you got pulled over for a ticket and have some feels about it, have your feels. Process it out and then check in whether you’re letting something “ruin your day”. 

Understand your personal power and embody it so fully that NO ONE can take it away…enough forces would damn sure try. 

The biggest way you can be strong enough to show up in this world and carry a powerful message for change, in the way you were meant to do it, is to resource yourself every damn day through your own energy maintenance. 

What do you NEED to clear off your keychain?

Sparkle on…