Hold on to your butts, I’m about to ruin sunflowers for you.

Just kidding…I’m not ruining them, they’re still awesome.

Sunflowers are bright and beautiful. An entire field of them is breathtaking and inspirational.

Sunflowers are known to pull toxins out of the soil. In fact, they were intentionally planted around Chernobyl to help clear radioactive particles.

If we stop there, it’s a beautiful image, right? How powerful, pulling toxins from the soil, and then shining bright and beautiful! We could make a powerful analogy on how humans can also transmute toxicity and turn it into beauty. And YES, that’s absolutely true.

And…the fields at Chernobyl then needed to be cut down and new ones planted.

And…most sunflower strains also produce a chemical that inhibits the growth of other vegetation around them (aka being toxic).

Why, Jen, are you giving us a botany lesson?

Because I love a good analogy, and here’s a perspective:

Just because you’ve transmuted some toxicity and are “shining bright” doesn’t mean your work is done.

You can be so f*cking bright and beautiful and still be aware that you’re continually a work in progress (WE ALL ARE! If we aren’t growing, we’re dying). Don’t inhibit the growth of others because you’re blind to your own work.

Shine bright, shine bold, and continue to clear your “toxins” too.

It’s about being aware and knowing it’s our responsibility to stay in integrity with what might still be within us to be cleared. No one “evolves” out of it. Not coaches, not mentors, not so called “gurus”.

Be in integrity. Be aware of your inner world. Cut down and replant your field as many times as you need to – I promise you will keep shining brighter each time!

Sparkle on…