The Universe always has my back. 

And I’ve fought it on that fact *plenty*, believe me.

I used to demand to know the “HOW” and the “WHEN”.

Spoiler alert: that’s not how any of this works and will just leave you feeling tense, frustrated, anxious, and unfulfilled. Gross.

It is NOT OUR JOB to know the how or the when. You can beg and plead all you want but you’ll be continually invited into faith and trust instead.

A perfect example happened in my life a few days ago. 

This past weekend, I hosted a powerful retreat for women (more on that another time) at a beautiful home in the serenity of the Rocky Mountains. 

Part of the magic of being on a retreat is that all your needs are met (and met well!) so you can relax into the experience and receive.

One of those basic needs is food (well, coffee, but trust me, that I had covered).

Months prior, I had contracted a private chef service for the entire event. Everything was sorted, and I was focusing my energy on the experience and transformation I’d be bringing these women when…

(Pause for dramatic emphasis)

Four days before the event, the chef cancelled. 

*record scratch*

I now had five beautiful souls trusting me with their well-being, nothing to feed them, and three days to figure it out. 

I want to make a clear distinction here about “knowing the Universe has your back”.

You can know that everything really IS going to turn out okay AND you can take a minute or two to hyperventilate into a paper bag. 

After I had my paper bag moment, I focused back on my faith that it would work out…even when I had no idea how.

I could have thrown a fit. I could have been dramatic. I could have chosen “woe is me”.

And a past version of me would have done all of those things, which would have made the situation that much worse. When you do that, you’re in a negative, heavy, dense energy…and it’s hard for magic to flow in!

Instead, I kept focusing on the fact that it WAS GOING TO WORK OUT even when I couldn’t see how. I chanted that to myself, over and over and over again, believing every ounce of it even without knowing how.

A sequence of synchronicities unfolded that connected me to a beautiful couple who provides chef services. Through another bit of Universal magic, the event they were supposed to chef for the weekend had been cancelled last minute as well. It was a magical alignment to bring us together!

They turned out to be an even BETTER fit for our retreat than my original selection, and their philosophy of creating beautiful, healthy, high-vibration meals full of the energy of love and friendship was EXACTLY a match for the energy of my retreat.

Every single meal was beyond incredible and they were such a sweet presence to have in the house with us all weekend.

The Universe knew something better was meant for our retreat…and it needed to rearrange some things for me.

Which is why it’s so important to remember to have faith and trust that things are going to work out…even when you can’t see HOW.

When it looks like everything has gone to shit, remind yourself it could be the Universe removing one thing to make room for something EVEN BETTER.

Leave room for magic to unfold in your life so that Universe can provide you with  “This, or something better.”

Sparkle On…

P.S. For those in the Denver and surrounding areas, UnI Chef Services…spread the word.