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Be honest. Do you usually “assume positive intent” in your human interactions? With people in traffic? With strangers out in the world?  With your coworkers?  With your partner? Is your […]

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"Life’s too short not to sparkle”

It sure as hell is. Oh, I should tell you now: I have the vocabulary of a well-educated sailor. So if you're offended by the occasional colorful word...well, there's a big wide internet out there - choose your own adventure.

"Life's too short not to sparkle." It's also too short not to live authentically. “Authentic” is a word that gets thrown around a lot in personal development and, sadly, I’ve seen too many people who have used “authenticity” as a blanket excuse for bad behavior.

Being “authentic” and being “yourself” does NOT give you license to be:
* an unbridled asshole
* an emotional blackmailer
* an irresponsible steward of this planet and the human experience
* one of those unspeakable demons who will open a can of tuna on an airplane (WHY)

Nope, sorry. Self-responsibility still 100% applies.

Authenticity means you own who YOU are from a healthy and aligned place- not who you think you should be for others to be loved or accepted (hint: you aren’t the only human struggling with “never feeling good enough”). When you give yourself permission to be “you”, when you deeply know your own worth, when you consistently make choices in alignment with your highest good, when you understand how to be both compassionate and set strong boundaries when necessary - THAT is living authentically.

This blog is about the journey of embodying self-worth and stepping into a life that is authentically YOU.

I used to have a black belt in kicking my own ass.  (Tip: not the cardio workout you’d hope) I was an expert in beating myself up. A World Champion, […]

Of Bears and Black Belts


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Title alone kind of makes you squirm, huh? I wanted to write the third post in my series on “Pain and Pleasure and Motivation and all the things”. It’s coming. […]

Sit with the Squirm


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A free tough love guide for the woman ready to change her life & love right now. 
This formula is exactly what I followed to find a whole new version of ME, and change my life…for the better. 
Change is rarely easy, but it’s always worth it. 

The Seven Step
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