I love working puzzles. I always have. As a kid, I would dump multiple puzzles together in the middle of the floor and mix them up to make it more challenging (in a later post, we’ll talk about how that theme carried through my whole life, for better or…sometimes not lol).

When you sit down to work a puzzle, you have an idea what the picture looks like. You see the picture on the box.

Your job is to do the work to put the pieces together to create that picture.

This is the exact process that happens in co-creation with the Universe. 

In an interesting twist, my partner and I picked up a mystery puzzle: where you have no idea what the end picture looks like. 😁 You just have a box of pieces. I joked with him that sometimes that’s more representative of where we usually start in designing our lives.

Now he and I do those puzzles for fun, but when it comes to change and growth – well, the human experience is challenging enough so why in the *ever-loving-puzzle-pieces* would you want to make it harder than it has to be by NOT defining a vision for yourself?

How much more challenging is it NOT to have a VISION for what you want your life to look like?

This is your part in the co-creative process:

You tune in to the vision of what you want, and you put one piece in at a time until the picture forms.

What each piece looks like, well that can vary. But it’s always going to be some combination of your physical, mental, and emotional energetics.

Yes, you can create change in your life.

Yes, you CAN create anything you want – a relationship, a level of health and fitness, freedom from an addiction, financial prosperity, happiness, peace, freedom…truly, you have the power to change or create anything you desire.

Define the vision. Tune in to how you want to feel in that vision. Do your part every day and trust it will come together for you.

One more time: your part in co-creation is to define the vision of what you want and then do the daily task of “putting in one piece at a time”, trusting that the picture is going to come together for you in its time… and beautifully.

And as long as you don’t quit doing your part…

As long as you don’t give up on the picture…

It WILL come together for you.

Hold the vision, and do your part every day.

1% a day, every day. 

Rest…but rise again the next day.

And your picture will come together.

Sparkle On…