There was a time in my life when I deeply longed to hit the pause button.

I knew exactly what I was looking for, what my soul needed at that point.

I was craving a place I could go that was utterly separate from my daily world. 

Somewhere I could be lovingly guided through every part of my life, what was working and what wasn’t, and then put back together what I wanted to keep, and learn to let go of the rest.  

I wanted an experience that would give me the launching pad for everything I needed for my next chapter – in love and relationships, in my career, in my body, and in reducing my stress and anxiety. I wanted a power cleanse for my soul. And I wanted to do it with other badass women who desired the same transformation.

Except it didn’t exist.

So, here we are…many years later…

And I fucking created it.

I created it so no other woman had to wish for it…because it’s here.

Do you know a woman who is craving a change in her day to day? A woman who is ready to stop, take a breath, and look at what she really wants from her life? A woman who wants to learn the tools and practices that will unlock her energy as a relaxed, balanced, and unstoppable force in this world?

Are YOU that woman? 

If it’s not you, will you share this with all the amazing women you know to help this reach the woman who IS craving this?

Registration is open for the Courage to Rise Retreat in beautiful Nosara, Costa Rica!

Join me and your future sisters this summer for a transformational experience like no other.

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Freedom and joy awaits you!

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