Stop Blaming the Spoon

February 20, 2019

“When we are upset, it’s easy to blame others. The true cause of our feelings, however, is within us. For example, imagine yourself as a glass of water. Now, imagine […]

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“When we are upset, it’s easy to blame others. The true cause of our feelings, however, is within us. For example, imagine yourself as a glass of water. Now, imagine past negative experiences as sediment at the bottom of your glass. Next, think of others as spoons. When stirred, the sediments clouds your water. It may appear that the spoon caused your water to cloud—but if there were no sediment, the water would remain clear. The key, then, is to identify our sediment and actively work to remove it.”

— Josei Toda

This quote is the very essence of one of my favorite phrases, “Own Your Shit”.

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

I believe, with every fiber of my being, the way to heal this aching world is to heal each individual.

When you become clear, you aren’t triggered by others. You don’t blame others for what’s yours to own. You don’t become embroiled in unnecessary drama or conflict. You create more peace in your life which in turn creates more peace in the world.

When you accept responsibility for working on yourself, you take a powerful step that creates a ripple effect around you.

When you become healthier, you have a net-positive impact on everyone in your life, whether it’s a partner, family, friends, or strangers.

There is much we can’t control in this life, but what IS fully within our control is our own self-management and self-exploration.

Stop blaming the “spoon”.

See the spoon as a gift to show you what’s there to be worked on and cleared.

Own your shit, do the work, and remove your sediment.

Let’s shift this world, one person at a time.

Sparkle on, friends…💖


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