Living an authentic life is an ongoing process for all of us, and has many elements.

Here’s one I want to discuss today:

Making choices in alignment with your highest good, even when those choices may be confronting to social scripts, is living authentically.

People often ask me “how I handle” the fact that I stopped drinking alcohol a few years ago.

It’s simple. There’s nothing to handle. I don’t make a big deal out of it because there’s not a big deal to make. Limiting or eliminating alcohol has increased my health, my vitality, my overall quality of life, and has by extension positively impacted the relationships in my life. My decision is not a judgement of others who make a different decision. It was simply the decision that was best for me.

Many people have volunteered to me they’re “sober curious” but then share fears of how they’ll be perceived. Perceived by whom, though? And why do you care? It’s normal to have those questions come up. Yet if you’re letting this stop you from doing what’s right for YOU, it is the equivalent of giving in to high school peer pressure. You are not in high school anymore.

Don’t be afraid to be “different” or to challenge “social norms”.

Dare to live in alignment with what is best for you, best for those around you, and ultimately best for the greater good of our world. When you are making the best choices for your life, it has a net-positive impact on the world because you are better able to become the fullest expression of your best self.

Do not give someone else agency over your body or your wellbeing. Do not give away your power to make the best choice for yourself simply because someone else may not understand. Never forget that YOU are the leader of your own life. And the more we lead ourselves to healthy places, the more we inspire others to have courage to do the same.

Own your decisions. Do what is authentically right and good for YOU.

Sparkle on, friends…💖