I hear it all the time.

I can’t.

I can’t get healthy

I can’t get over it

I can’t get a handle on my finances

I can’t breakthrough this block

(Tough love time in 3…2…)


You “can’t” because you just said you can’t. Language is more powerful than you realize and you just programmed yourself to fail. You just gave yourself an “out”.

(Are you feeling a little confronted that I suggested you’re making excuses? Good. Let’s stay with this…discomfort = growth.)

Imma ‘bout to drop a Truth Bomb.

Stand back.

The secret to changing, healing, shifting ANY area of your life is to set the intention, to make the powerful SOUL DECISION, that no other option is available to you.

(Now before someone says they’ve made the decision to win the lottery and never do so clearly I’m full of shit…that’s NOT the point. Go sit in time out. Why is there always that one guy?)

The SOUL DECISION is your conviction to climb over anything and everything in your way, including yourself (hint: usually the biggest obstacle). It is the difference in people who are highly successful and those who continually say “I wish I could have that”.

Don’t misquote me here: It’s not that the journey that follows the decision is simple. It’s that the DECISION is simple.

You either decide to commit, or you don’t.

And if you don’t, that’s fine, too.  Except you need to OWN THAT DECISION as well.

I’m not ready to commit to (healing, health, financial freedom, change)…yet.

Cool. Own it. That’s so much better than “I can’t”. One is empowered and will set you free. The other is victim language that will keep you small and trapped.

And drop this “I’ll try” bullshit.

Our pointy-eared Jedi friend was right: DO. Or DO NOT. There is no “try”.

You don’t decide to do something and magically the next day, you’re capable.

It’s a process. It takes work. It takes time. And it takes commitment.

But you CAN do it. When you’ve made that SOUL DECISION to shift, you WILL do it.

Decide to change. When you get to that crescendo of crap where you just can’t take it anymore…you will decide. When you get sick of being in debt, sick of being unhealthy, sick of being in emotional pain. Even when you are at rock bottom.

No, check that: ESPECIALLY when you are at rock bottom.

When you are on the floor, in a million pieces, and can’t see the path forward, do this one thing.

Reach deep inside.

Summon your last ounce of strength (I promise you, it IS there)…and make that deep SOUL DECISION that you WILL heal from your heartbreak, you will get healthy, you will get out of debt, you WILL have the amazing life you crave.

This is about what IS within your control:

Your conviction.

Your intention.


Release the need to control or know “how” it will happen, and ignore the voices that tell you the reasons it won’t.  Have patience with the timing and don’t expect it to happen overnight.

This is where your SOUL FIRE comes in. It’s okay if it’s just a little sputter. That’s how every flame starts.

Make your SOUL DECISION and deeply decide that there is NO. OTHER. FUCKING. OPTION.

Sparkle on, friends…💖