Call them resolutions, call them intentions. Call them pancakes for all I care. But set them and set them the right way. Set yourself up for success. Drop this notion that you will wake up tomorrow magically embodied as the highest version of yourself.

You won’t be perfect with your finances, your food, your fitness, or your relationships…because perfect isn’t a thing.

What you CAN do is envision where you want to be, connect to the feelings you want to have, and take steps every day to create it. One step at a time. Every day.

And if you trip up or “fall off the wagon”, don’t spin out. Don’t throw your hands in the air and give up. Don’t let one slip or misstep reinforce your disempowering story that you’ll “never” (insert chosen desire here) or that you “always” fail…so what’s the point.


Give yourself grace and just make the next right choice toward your intentions.

And since health is such a big focus, I want to challenge you to make one more empowering shift: change the language you use to describe how you feel in your body.

Instead of saying “I feel fat” or “I look fat” or any other variation of judgment you’re passing on your precious human vessel (which is both inherently abusive and extremely disempowering self talk), let’s start saying what’s REALLY true:

“I feel uncomfortable in my body right now.”

What a loving and honest tweak to our language that will then inspire us to create MORE comfort and peace in our relationship with our bodies, however that looks or feels to you.

Some people would tell you that it’s never okay to acknowledge a feeling like that. I completely disagree, because if we don’t acknowledge it’s there then it’s a form of toxic bypassing that isn’t going to create the authentic alignment we’re seeking. We HAVE to acknowledge the feeling first, honor that it is there, and then choose to shift it to create a more compassionate and empowering one.

Acknowledge what’s true for you: “I feel uncomfortable in my body right now”

Then create a new intention of how you WANT to feel (even if you don’t feel it yet): “I love, honor, and am comfortable with my body”.

That small shift will create tidal waves within you and how you relate to your body. Continue to anchor in that new intention and you will notice that you will organically make decision that are in alignment – how you choose to nourish your body, how you choose to move it, how you choose to honor it…because you’re creating a new, loving, peaceful relationship where there was previously self-hatred, war, and resistance within you.

Check out my latest podcast for more on this and on how to set effective intentions!

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