Ah, the holidays!

All is merry and bright.

Or…maybe it isn’t for you this year.

And that’s okay too. 

Because let’s be honest – some years, it isn’t.

Some years it’s a big fat punch in the gut. 

Sometimes the holidays feel hard. 

Whether we’re missing someone or mourning a life transition that has changed what our holidays look like…

Whether it’s a confronting time, bringing up pain around our family of origin…

Whether it feels like a painful reminder that your life isn’t where you’d hoped it would be or with whom you hoped you’d be by now…

Whether you feel pressure to have the “perfect” holiday to live up to an unrealistic expectation you’ve imposed on yourself…

Or whether you just feel heightened emotions and haven’t connected to “why”…

Let yourself feel what you feel, without shaming yourself or telling yourself you “shouldn’t” feel sad or lonely. Give yourself the space to connect to your heart and what’s under your pain.

When we acknowledge the pain rather than denying it exists, it will move through you faster.

Then find a way to honor yourself gently through this time – with boundaries, self love, and infinite compassion for wherever you are. 

Know that whatever is going on, it won’t last forever. 

I promise. 

Keep breathing, keep feeling through it, and keep taking care of your heart.

For more on how to navigate some of the more challenging holiday situations, check out my latest podcast: “Holiday Cheer? Or Holiday Tears?” (and all apologies to the fictional “Uncle Fred” and “Aunt Trudy”)

Remember: family isn’t always blood. Family is a feeling.

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