April 15, 2019

Each of us has unique talents, gifts, strengths, and abilities. One of the hardest things in this world can be staying true to their expression, to who we authentically are.  […]

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Each of us has unique talents, gifts, strengths, and abilities.

One of the hardest things in this world can be staying true to their expression, to who we authentically are. 

Well, wait. 

That’s not really it, is it? 

That’s NOT the hard part. 

The hardest part is accepting our unique talents and gifts, knowing our worth. 

If I ask you: “What are your natural talents? What are your gifts?

…can you answer? 

And can you answer without squirming, averting your eyes, shifting from foot to foot, lowering your voice, muttering “Ummm, I don’t know”, or “I have a hard time with this question” or “I don’t like talking about myself” or any number of other deflections? 

Busted, huh?  

Don’t worry, you’re in good company. 

Most people default to a bypass that references a desire to avoid arrogance because that’s a safe (albeit erroneous) social script (lots of those floating around). Besides, who decided that the ONLY two choices here are “silent” or “braggadocious”?  False.

Try this on for size: if I ask you to tell me the talents and gifts of your partner or your best friend, could you do it?

Of course you could. I’ll bet you love them all the more for those unique gifts, too. You also know they aren’t perfect (since we already know “perfect is bullshit”). They have their foibles and peccadilloes…because (shocker) they’re human, just like you. Hint: there’s a lesson there. 

So what really comes up for YOU when I ask you the same question? Why is it so much harder to give voice to your strengths? There’s big information there, if you are brave enough to get honest with yourself. 

The heart of the matter is knowing your worth. When we don’t feel worthy, when we don’t love ourselves, how can we speak to our talents and stay comfortable? If you genuinely know you are gifted at something, then it’s not arrogance to smile and say “You know, I have a gift for…” (insert anything from differential equations to underwater basketweaving to making random strangers smile).

This is a big part of the journey to authenticity, to truly loving and accepting ourselves, to knowing our own worth…and to showing up in the world as we were always meant to be. 

(Me, I’m good with words. They come easily for me, always have. Numbers are another story. Follow on post may be “Know Your Worth; Outsource the Rest” 😂.)

Sparkle on, friends 💖…


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