Who Gets to Drive?

March 20, 2021

“So…you want to be dead?” “Wh….what?” “Your goals. You’re aspiring to be dead?” “I…umm…what?” I could sense my new client questioning whether she’d made a grievous error in signing on […]

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So…you want to be dead?”


Your goals. You’re aspiring to be dead?”


I could sense my new client questioning whether she’d made a grievous error in signing on to work with me. 

One of your goals. You wrote that you NEVER want to feel fear or anxiety again.”


So…you want to be dead?”


Then laughter, as it finally clicked for her.

As long as you’re drawing breath, you’re going to feel fear, anxiety, doubt, worry, and all the heavy emotions. 

Welcome to the Human Experience.

Fear will always be there. But so will faith. 

So instead of setting impossible goals “not to feel fear/anxiety/doubt/worry”, make your goal to understand and master how much you let these emotions control you. 

YOU get to choose which emotions have the greatest power in your life and your decisions. 

The real goal is to feel those emotions when they come up, but not to be ruled by them.

Feel them, see them, acknowledge them, and understand that those emotions are simply messengers. Let them have their say but give them a finite amount of time to speak their piece.

Thank them graciously and, eversogently, tell them to get the fuck out of the driver’s seat of your life because they’re taking you in the opposite direction of your desired destination. 

Then, from this place of renewed strength and inner power, make a plan for yourself and to take inspired action.

What emotions will you let drive your life? 

You get to choose.

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