One year ago, my blog went live! 🎉🎂🎈

Here’s the secret:

I bought this domain name two years before it went live.

For two years, I had a blank home page with just a banner: “Exploring Authenticity”.

And for two years, I wrestled my inner perfectionist and allllll the other voices. I did battle with my limiting beliefs about why I couldn’t, or shouldn’t, actually do it.

Those voices and beliefs will keep you playing small.

They will keep you stuck.

They will keep you from fully (and, ha, authentically) expressing who you are.

I hit a very important point.

… the “F*ck It” point.

I think I even said it out loud that day.

F*ck it, I don’t care, I’m doing this.

…and I got the site, and the initial content, up in a day. A DAY.

A previous version of me would have spent days, weeks, months perfecting every element of the site. Not this time. I couldn’t. It would have been sudden death to the wave I was riding.

Want proof? You can’t unsee what I’m about to point out but in the main graphic, there’s an extra space in front of the word “True”.  My inner OCD English major wouldn’t have been able to tolerate before. But that day, I was riding that “F*ck it” energy. I didn’t have time to stop and, for once, didn’t care.

And I’ve left it there on purpose, as a reminder to myself (because we all need the reminders) that “Perfect is Bullshit” and what matters is greater than your neuroses and fears.

It’s a good point, that “F*ck it” point…when it means ditching what other people think, your own limiting beliefs, and any other fears that are holding you back from doing the thing your soul has been nudging you to do.

And because I finally said “F*ck it” and started this blog, BIG announcements are on the way (eek! and yay!)…ones that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t taken this first baby step through fear.

Whatever gifts you came here with, they were given to you for a reason.

Whatever you’ve been wanting to do, the quiet whisper in your heart…do it. Whether it’s a blog, an art project, a musical talent…F*ck it. Just take a small step toward it.

You are good enough.

You are smart enough.

You are talented enough.


Right here.

Right now.

Reading this post.

“F*ck it”. Go do the thing.

Sparkle on…💖