Certainty. It’s a human need.

Certainty we can be safe, loved, sheltered.

But what happens when everything suddenly becomes UNCERTAIN?

When that which made a modicum of sense yesterday…makes none today?

Remember more than ever that we are all human. And humans are a tapestry of emotion, a full range of highs, low, and every nuance in between. None are bad or wrong or better or worse.

Allow your feelings to rise and be witnessed. They’re very real. Feel them all. But don’t be swept away or consumed by them…especially by fear. It’s okay to feel fearful, to feel the uncertainty. See it, witness it, acknowledge it, and breathe through it. But don’t you dare let it run the show.

Be informed, but don’t allow panic or scarcity to overtake you or lead your life. It won’t help you. Notice when you’ve hit overload and are devolving into panic, scarcity, or overwhelm. You can feel it in your body when it happens. Don’t diminish reality, and don’t let it rule you either. Disempowered states snowball quickly. Step away and allow yourself time to breathe.

Consider everyone processes uncertainty through their own lens. Fear and uncertainty manifest differently for everyone. Don’t diminish another’s experience. Consider that every human being is doing the very best they can, with the emotional resources they have…and sometimes that capacity may be extremely small.

In times of uncertainty, we must remember to breathe. Always to breathe. To ground into our breath, the one thing always with us.

Times of great uncertainty, more than ever, call for us to have compassion for ourselves and for others, to honor our own experience, to create boundaries around what we’re allowing to penetrate our mental, emotional, and energetic fields.

In times of uncertainty, we must ground back to where we can find certainty.

Watch the sun rise or set.

Listen to your heart beating.

Pause to listen to your own breath.

Connect to God, to Source, to whatever manifestation of the Divine that resonates with your heart.

Above all else: remember to breathe.

This, too, shall pass.

Sparkle the fuck right on, my friends…💖