“We change. We have to. Or we spend the rest of our lives fighting the same battles.”

That line from Star Trek Beyond always gives me chills…and not just because Christopher Pine is YUM (Anyone have his number? How does HE feel about cats?).

And yes, I just publicly outed myself as a Trekkie. Give me a break, I’ve been watching it since I wore feety pajamas and carried a teddy bear. Now I wear yoga pants and carry a small dog. See? We change.

What battles have you been fighting?  The areas in your life where everything feels like a fight, where you are the most exhausted? (Note: If you have toddlers or teenagers, you’re exempt from answering that question).

Career satisfaction? Money? Love? Weight? 

It is so simple to make excuses:

Well, everyone has relationship trouble/weight struggles/has debt/hates their job/etc.


“Everyone” doesn’t. We have a chronic epidemic of “fixed mindset”. Too many people accept a perceived (erroneous) societal “norm” as the status quo.

Yes, that may be your “starting point”…but…and listen to me closely…


*smooths hair*

Sorry-not-sorry for yelling. I’m really passionate about this one, people. Kinda why I’m a life coach.

It can always be different. There is always something you can change – even if it’s just your mindset (teehee, “just”…as if that’s not E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.).

External change for the sake of change isn’t the answer. 

It isn’t a new job or a new relationship that holds the key. Maybe for a few months it’ll be different, but without doing the work, you’ll ultimately be right back in the same position. Without doing the work, you’ll also tell yourself a story about why things aren’t any different. That story will be that your new job or relationship turned out just the same as your old one and now you have more evidence to support your own lie that things “will never be any different”.

NO. No no no no no no no….NO.

Gentle reader, there is but one common denominator in all those situations. 


We fight the same battles when we don’t do the work to understand why we keep fighting them. The change is: 

We must heal. We must broaden our minds, open our hearts, and become aware of patterns that have been holding us back from having fulfillment in our lives.

The good news, and the bad news, is that the choice is yours. 

The real question is: 

Do you WANT to keep fighting the same battles? Do you WANT to keep repeating the same relationship patterns? Do you WANT to keep losing and gaining the same ten pounds? Do you WANT to stay in debt? Do you WANT to continue living a life of quiet desperation? 

Or do you want to say “Fuck. This. Noise.” and breakthrough?

Sparkle on, friends…