Ah, the New Year!

A new calendar year gives us the feeling of a fresh start.  The feeling of pure possibility, like a blank notebook or the pristine radiance of unsullied school supplies (oh yeah, baby, that’s the good stuff right there!).

Yet turning a page on a calendar isn’t a genie-ponytail-pop that magics everything you want into place.

The only “magic” pill is your power of choice.

Life is cumulative. Your life as it is right now is a reflection of all of your past “choices”: your thoughts, beliefs, and actions which were all likely unconscious “choices” you didn’t even know you were making.

If you want to change something about your life, you have to choose to change what you think, believe, and do every day.

It’s really that simple. There is no other way. TRUUUUUUUST ME. I’ve tried all the other ways.

You were expecting a secret formula?

Give the people what they want, Jen!”

Fine, here it is:

  • Choose to set the intention for what you want and how you want to feel.
  • Choose to believe it’s possible for you, even if you can’t see “how” yet.
  • Choose to shift your negative thoughts and disempowering self talk.
  • Choose to seek resources and support to keep you on the path.
  • Choose to take action every single day to bring you closer to what you want. Even if it’s just 1% a day, make those small choices.

Oh but Jen, it’s so HARD to do!!

Okey dokey. Keep singing that same song and see where it gets you. Where has it gotten you up until now?

Choose your “hard”.

Choose the “hard” that is taking baby steps every single day to replace disempowering thoughts, beliefs, habits, and patterns. (That’s the only real “control” you have anyway. More on that in an upcoming post)

Or choose the “hard” of being buffeted around by living as an unconscious victim to your negative thoughts, beliefs, habits, and patterns.

Your choice.

Tough love time, baby: don’t complain about your life if you aren’t taking daily steps to change what you can control. It’s no one else’s fault.

Over time, those “hard” conscious choices will become new habits, patterns, and beliefs which is what will add up to what you DO want.

And suddenly, you’ll realize it’s not “hard” anymore. It has just become “who you are”.

You are not a victim.

Use your power of choice.

Build the life you want, one tiny choice at a time.

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