Lean in, folks. Get close.

Truth bomb, ready to explode.


Perfect isn’t a THING.

You are not, and never will be, “perfect”…unless you’re a snowflake (and if you are, and you’re reading this, I have questions). Remember that even a snowflake only maintains the state of “perfect symmetry” until the temperature reaches a certain point. Holding ourselves to impossible standards that even nature can’t sustain is, quite simply, madness.

We all have areas where we strive to be perfect. Somewhere along the road we made unconscious key decisions that there were rules for us to be loved. We each have our own mental construct of how, and who, we have to be in order to be accepted…to be worthy of love, to be “enough”.

Perfectionism at its core is a desire for external love and validation, for other people to tell us we are “enough”, for someone else to give us approval.

How incredibly dangerous to place our self-worth in the hands of another equally flawed human.

This is why I call myself a “self-love champion”. Because I spent most of my life living without it, and I know the toll it takes.

Self-love is the key that unlocks everything else.

Self-love tells us we ARE enough already, just as we are.

We are infinitely worthy, just as we were created by the Universe.

You are ENOUGH, just as you are. RIGHT NOW.

From that place of truly feeling ENOUGH, we are no longer at the mercy of anyone else. We’re no longer fearful of rejection or abandonment because we are at home within ourselves.

When you hear people say “fall in love with yourself first”, this is what it means:

Love ALL parts of you…your splendor and your shame. Your darkness and your light.

Cease the war within yourself. YOU are the one who will always be with YOU…from the minute you drew your first breath until your final exhale.

When you know you are ENOUGH in your very core…enough JUST AS YOU ARE, right now, no matter what’s going on in your life…when you trust that you are ENOUGH in this very moment, that empty longing to be validated by someone or something else falls away.

What a beautiful and powerful place to be.

Sparkle on, friends…💖


(For more on why “Perfect is Bullshit”, check out my podcast episode!)