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September 15, 2022

Today is the day!!! Purchase Dare to Express on Amazon for only $.99 I am so honored to have been a part of this powerful collaboration, Dare to Express: A […]

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Today is the day!!! Purchase Dare to Express on Amazon for only $.99

I am so honored to have been a part of this powerful collaboration, Dare to Express: A Collection of Bold Stories and Brave Women, available today on Amazon!

Three years ago, when I published my first book along with five other courageous women, I ripped the Band-Aid off by publicly sharing my life journey. In Dare to Express, I go into detail about the most painful and pivotal years – the ones that sent me crashing to rock-bottom and my “dark night of the soul”.

From Shame to Sparkle: Rising from the Ruins of Toxic Relationships” is my contribution to this bold collection of vulnerable stories. Because it was the hardest story to share openly, it was the one that needed to be told.

In this chapter, I share how I allowed myself to become so broken by my lack of boundaries and deep feelings of shame that I no longer recognized myself.  This is the story of how a new version of me, a stronger version of me, a healthier version of me, was born from the ashes and how I learned the true power in owning your story and your shame – so that no one else can own you. This is a story about reclaiming TRUE personal power, and that no matter how dark it seems, there is always light.

May I ask for your help to support us on our launch day by purchasing a Kindle copy of Dare to Express? Every purchase counts toward our launch day success, and seeing this book at the top of the charts would be indescribably special…not to mention spreading the word to a wider audience about the powerful and vulnerable stories shared within these pages.

Today only – purchase the Kindle version for $.99!


(You don’t need a kindle to read the digital copy – you can read it on all types of devices!) 

You can also purchase the paperback for $8.00

Paperback HERE

And as always…

Sparkle the fuck on!

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