Y’all, I’m BACK!! 

I’ve been on sabbatical for…well, who’s counting…but it’s been for good reason!

Everything has seasons and these last eight months have been a “winter” season for me to draw inward to rest, rejuvenate, and prepare for what’s next. I’ve been hard at work on plans for the future of my practice (so.many.exciting.things.coming.soon), and a big part of that has been diving soul-deep into an apprenticeship to learn the most powerful and effective healing modalities in existence. My clients are already raving about the impact of these methods! More on that soon. With the new calendar year on the horizon, I’ve got a smile on my face, rocking my sparkly ass-kickin’ boots (yes, those boots have crystals on them – don’t even act surprised), I’m back in the saddle, and ready to GO!

But first…let’s get this out of the way:

Hey, 2020? I got somethin’ for ya!

Because what the actual f*** with this year? 

Now – am I flipping 2020 the bird because I believe everything is terrible, awful, and irredeemably f’d up?

Nope. Absolutely not. I don’t believe that one bit.

It’s because we need to acknowledge that HOLY HAND GRENADES this year has been a lot. 

Never in our lifetime has a year shown us more painful contrast or peeled back more masks and layers to lay bare every ugly thing that was bubbling under the surface, illustrating how desperately humanity as a whole is in need of healing. It’s been heart-wrenching, energetically exhausting, and a million other adjectives.

And this year has been more challenging for some than for others. That’s always going to be true. So let’s not pile onto the shitshow by shaming, judging, and just generally being jerks to each other, okay? Cool. Glad we got that straight, seemed like there’s been some confusion there.

Too many people feel guilty for acknowledging their own feelings because someone else has it “worse”. Spoiler alert: someone will always have it “worse”. 

And you’re damn right about that. If you’re reading these words, you are blessed beyond belief. Your heart is pumping blood through your veins. You have electricity. You have your eyesight. Your cognitive function allows you to comprehend these words (I mean, hopefully…I try to be coherent). The list goes on.

These things aren’t mutually exclusive. You’re allowed to maintain perspective on your personal blessings while still acknowledging when something has felt challenging for you. You can count every blessing you have (and I recommend that you do so regularly) AND you can still acknowledge if you’ve felt heavy or down or any other emotion. What’s the difference? 

Let’s say a little child falls down and skins its knee. How would you respond?

A: “Suck it up, you shouldn’t be crying! That kid over there doesn’t have anything to eat today and you’re crying over a skinned knee? You’re so ungrateful.

B: “Wow, I bet that felt super scary! Let’s get this scratch bandaged up for you and you’ll be back out there playing in no time!”.

And you tell me, well, OBVIOUSLY, Jen. The answer is B. 

Right. But here’s the clincher: which one sounds more like how you talk to yourself?


That’s what I thought.

Acknowledging how you feel is not the same as “entitlement”. Entitlement is waaaaaaaay different, isn’t that right, Karen?

Because when you acknowledge how you really feel without forcing yourself to have a “good reason” for it, you’re demonstrating self compassion which is the first step in healing (and can you kindly show me the Board of Judgment to whom you’re presenting this case? Mmmhmm. That’s what I thought. It’s your own inner judge). 

Here’s the best news: when you finally acknowledge and allow yourself to feel what’s going on within you without shame or judgment, you naturally release the heavy energy created by denial and self-abandonment. It “clears the air” and in the space that now remains, we can fill ourselves up with compassion which leads to empowerment which allows us to better navigate whatever circumstances are presented to us in our external world.

So let’s all take a big collective deep breath…

*deep breath*

…and acknowledge this has been an intense year for E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. in different and unique ways.

Your experience, whatever it has been this year, does not diminish my experience or anyone else’s experience.

This has been a lot. 

I see you. 

I love you. 

One more deep breath. 


We will get through this. 

Sparkle on…