Courage to Rise is a six-week program designed to make lasting change in your life - change that doesn’t only stick…but becomes who you are! 

Foundations for changing your life.

let's rise!

Have you looked around at your life lately and noticed certain things that could feel better?

Habits that maybe aren’t serving you - or choices that are straight up sabotaging you? Have you noticed that change doesn’t come easy, and more often than not - you’re likely to say one thing and keep doing another? 

Yep, I feel you. I’ve worked with plenty of people who struggle with the same internal conflict: wanting something but not being sure how to get it, or how to make it last! That’s where I come in. 

Courage to Rise is a six-week program designed to make lasting change in your life - change that doesn’t only stick…but becomes who you are! 

does this sound familiar?

“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.”

- Max Depree

Inside this program you will:

Get clear on who you want to be and what you want for yourself 

Identify what actions to take to lead yourself towards your goals 

Change your identity (ie. choose who you want to be and be her)

Welcome new habits that change your lifestyle and welcome different experiences 

Experience the results you’ve always wanted but never knew how to achieve

Understand your Self better by understanding why you do the things you do and why you are the way you are

ready to rise!

It’s time to take change into your hands in order to write the story you wish to tell. What are you most excited to change in your life? Let’s do it!

Listen, I can hear your hesitation. If change was easy, we’d all be doing it! Change is unknown, it’s hard, and it requires commitment.

We don’t change overnight, and we certainly don’t change by accident!

  • Change requires you to show up for it. 
  • Change requires your willingness to lean into discomfort. 
  • Change requires discipline. 
  • Change requires willingness. 
  • Change requires awareness.

Sometimes, even when we have ALL of these things, change still feels impossible. Without a hand to hold, someone to inspire us to keep going, a community to lean on, and the momentum of our desires to keep driving us forward…

Change is easy to quit. 

Many of you will read this sales page and WANT to change, but still not be ready for it…and that’s okay! You’ll change when you’re ready…but I want you to know this:

You will never feel “ready” to walk into the unknown of change, but you can become willing at anytime. How? 

Decide that the time is now. 

“The personal changes I’ve made in only a few months are incredible. I now experience more freedom and trust in myself as a result.”

- JP

Is this program for me?

Courage is no longer limited to superheroes. It doesn’t just belong on the pages of comic books & in dramatic movies…

It’s in YOU. 

Courage is required in your everyday life to become who you’re truly here to be. 

You won’t get where you want to go by staying the same…

And we all know that change requires courage. 

Come learn how to find your courage to change. 

are you ready?

fuck it! I'm in!

"We addressed several issues that were blocking me from reaching my goals, got to the root of them, which inspired new actions and new results. Being part of a supportive sisterhood along this journey was empowering and the price of the program was within my budget and I got sooo much value out of it!”

- JP

“I participated in her “Courage to Rise” program and it’s honestly one of the most transformational programs I’ve ever done in that amount of time!"

hear it from them!

- AD

“Never would I have predicted the person I have become compared to six months ago and I credit everything to Jen and the CTR group for supporting me.”

Six weeks of live calls & activations 

Pre-recorded trainings to teach your brain, body & soul how to change

A community of courageous people changing with you

A coach to help with your challenges, breakthroughs, & wins!

what you get

We don’t KNOW that this program will work for you.


How do I know this program will actually WORK for me?

ready for change

If you aren’t wiling to do the work to change, then change won’t come. Anyone can go to the gym, but only a few will actually learn how to USE THE EQUIPMENT & get to work. Those are the people who see results. Same goes for Courage to Rise.

The process inside this program is proven.


It works. It’s worked for many people, and it will continue to work for those who apply themselves to it. I can guarantee that. 

While change is hard, it can also be FUN!


Those of you who make this program a joy filled experience and focus on what you WANT more than what you’re giving up, letting go of, or losing out on…will not only change, but you’ll also ENJOY it. 

“Courage is nothing more than taking one step more than you think you can.”

- Holly Lisle

I’m powered by coffee, driven by humor and fun, and I hold a deep belief that anyone can change. Even (especially), you! 
What makes me believe so deeply in change? I experienced it. 
In 2016, the accumulation of an entire lifetime’s worth of unworthiness, following other people’s expectations, people pleasing, and numbing my pain came crashing down. I found myself on the floor (literally), needing something to change…
And I knew I was the only one who could make that happen for myself. 
That was the day I made the SOUL decision that I would never be that way again - teetering on the brink of destruction. I got committed to change, and as the days went on, I didn’t only SEE results, but I felt them. 

I found my “courage to rise” and dedicated my life to teaching and guiding others along the same path. Now it’s your turn. 

I'm Jen

hey there!

Your tough love coach who’s going to guide you towards everything you want by walking you (step-by-step) through everything you fear. Don’t worry, we got this.

I’ve walked this path, I know alllll the ins and outs and pitfalls and shortcuts.


- CC

"I know 100% that I am a more patient and present mom, and a less reactive and more poised businesswoman, that has learned how to lovingly and without judgment, accept myself for being who I am."