Break up.
Splitting up.
The words say it all.
Something that was…isn’t.
Something that was joined…is in separate pieces.
Something that was united…is now divided.
And it’s not always bad.
Sometimes it needed to happen.
Sometimes it’s for your own good…or theirs.
Sometimes it will turn out to be THE thing that sets you free.
But there’s still a grieving…
There’s still a sadness.
And there’s heartbreak.
That hole in your chest.
Those landmines, just when you think you’re over it.
The social media stalking that just makes you feel worse. (admit it, we’ve all been there)
The “what now?” and “do I even remember who I am?” questions that we naturally ask as we seek to rebuild our lives after a relationship ends.
Heartbreak is sneaky…it’s the silent emotional wound that can hide, unhealed, within you for years if not properly treated.
And when was the last time you saw a treatment plan for heartbreak? Well…until now.
Join me on Thursday, November 4that 6pm Mountain for a live event on Healing from Heartbreak!
Click on the link below to register – and don’t worry if you can’t make that time, you’ll get the replay after so you can hear all the sparkly wisdom and occasional cursing your little heart desires.
And of course…
Sparkle on…
Psssst….can I ask for your help?
If this isn’t relevant for this time in your life, could you share this invitation with your network? The more people I can reach, the more people I can help break the cycle of suffering – and that’s good for everyone!